2 Giant Gameboys

2 Giant Gameboys

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The 2 Giant Gameboys don’t really need too much of an introduction. They are Gameboys and they are giant. They are both linked up and are generally running the classic Tetris so you can play 2 player head to head. They can of course play any Gameboy game though.

Under The Bonnet

The 2 Giant Gameboys have been created using 2 Gamecubes with the Gameboy Player attachment. The Gameboy Player attachments are linked together using a standard Gameboy link cable. The Gamecubes are then attached to 14 inch TV’s which form the screens for the 2 Giant Gameboys. Each Gamecube has a hacked controller attached which is then linked into the buttons on the 2 Giant Gameboys. The Gameboys themselves have been built with plywood, blood, sweat, tears and filler.


Giant Gameboys

The 2 Giant Gameboys @ GEEK 2013 in Margate

Giant Gameboys

The 2 Giant Gameboys @ Revival 2013 in Wolverhampton

Giant Gameboys

The 2 Giant Gameboys @ the Singapore Science Centre in Singapore

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