Signage, Stands & The Ringmaster

Signage, Tablecloths & Chalk Boards

A little girl enjoying the Fruitcade. You can see our striped tablecloth, some chalk boards and the hand painted fruitcade sign.


We like to add a little bit more to our attractions to give them a carnival feel. All the attractions have a hand painted wooden framed sign to accompany them. Tables are covered with red and white striped tablecloths. Any instructions for the attractions are presented in wooden picture frames and competitions are advertised on chalk boards.

Striped Stand

One of our striped stands with the Laser Pong visible on the wall in the background.

We have two red and white striped stands to place smaller attractions on. These also double up as small storage units for us to hide away bits of spare equipment.

Mario Luigi and the Ringmaster

Mario Luigi and the Ringmaster

And of course we have the Ringmaster (aka Matt) to help people with the attractions, run any competitions and generally get people involved. Also available for photo opportunities!