The Fruitcade

The Fruitcade

The Fruitcade logo


The Fruitcade is like an (bartop) arcade machine, except that instead of a joystick and buttons to control the game with, you get the contents of a greengrocers shop (remember them!).

Pick from a selection of classic arcade games and control them using apples, bananas, oranges and other fruit. The fruit all sits nicely on the custom fruit control panel of the cabinet.

Under The Bonnet

The Fruitcade’s games are running on a standard Windows PC. A device called a Makey Makey is the interface between the fruit controls and the PC. The Fruitcade cabinet is made from reclaimed wood and has a series of holes cut into the control panel for the fruit to sit in.


The Fruitcade

The Fruitcade being enjoyed @ the Singapore Science Centre in Singapore

The Fruitcade

The Fruitcade control panel


Pacman on The Fruitcade

Pacman on (an early version of) The Fruitcade played by Jim Bagley (the creator of many classic Spectrum games)

Mario & Luigi play Galaga on The Fruitcade

Mario & Luigi play Galaga on (an early version of) The Fruitcade