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The Ring

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The ring brings together 16 top competitors in a battle arena and allows them to duke it out, leaving just one standing with the ultimate bragging rights. The ring consists of 16 separate stations, combined via LAN to create The Ring. Each station has an XBox running Halo 2, a Screen, a Controller and Gamer with a point to prove.  The ultimate in local multiplayer action! The Ring has been seen at various events across the country, including: The Retro Computer Games Festival – Surrey, R3PLAY 2010 – Blackpool, European Gaming League – Blackpool, European Gaming League – London, Replay Expo 2011 – Blackpool, GEEK 2012 – Margate,  Armouries – Leeds, Play Expo – Manchester.

Under the Bonnet

The ring is a custom built circular table that houses 16 XBoxs, 16 Screens and 16 Players. It has been built from MDF and painted fluorescent pink! It looks awesome lit by UV. The 16 XBoxes are connected via an Ethernet hub to form a local 16 player Halo 2 match. It will of course play any game that has 16 player system link functionality but generally everyone wants to play Halo 2 on it.


The Ring

The Ring at Play Expo 2012